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Algorand Foundation

With a primary goal of promoting broad participation and decentralization of the network, the Algorand Foundation is helping make the borderless economy a reality. See how this decentralized ecosystem enables the Algorand community to shape the shared future of the Algorand network.


By the end of 2022, it’s expected there will be over 700 active projects on the network. Algorand’s speed makes it ideal for many real-world applications and has many successful use cases across DeFi, NFTs, and decentralised gaming applications. Read up on some of the key factors unique to this next generation protocol.


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Weekly Pulse: November 4, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Decipher 2022 agenda revealed, xBacked mainnet launch announced, and more!

NFT Watch: November 3, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, MIA series tops sales charts, Slushii partners with Limewire, and more!

Weekly Pulse: October 28, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Algorand Foundation hire former Amazon dev manager, GARD partners with Folks Finance, and more!

NFT Watch: October 27, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, new FIFA+ Collect Drop, Goanna Council appointed, and more!

Borderless Capital Announces New Liquidity Deployment


Borderless Capital has announced yet another deployment of liquidity into Algorand DeFi programs.

Weekly Pulse: October 21, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Algofi governance mechanism is launched, Algorand Foundation appoint a new CFO, and more.

NFT Watch: October 20, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, Andrea Bonaceto's AB Infinite 1 piece sells at Christie's auction, Australia Zoo reveal new collection, and more!

Sam Bankman-Fried Added to Decipher Speaker Line-up


FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been confirmed as a speaker for the upcoming Decipher Event in Dubai!

Weekly Pulse: October 14, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, FTX supports Algorand USDC Stablecoin, Algofi launch governance, and more!

Hivemind Capital Deploy New Funds into Algorand DeFi


Venture capital firm Hivemind Capital have announced the deployment of new funds into the Algorand DeFi ecosystem.

NFT Watch: October 13, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, Pera Launch new Governance Reward NFTs, FIFA+ Collect Marketplace goes live, and more!

FTX Announces Support for Algorand USDC


The crypto exchange giant FTX has announced new support for Algorand USDC!

Weekly Pulse: October 7, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Algorand ACE Programme Universities recognised, GARD V2 launches, and more!

NFT Watch: October 6, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, PolyGoannas top weekly sales charts, Andrea Bonaceto gears up for Christie's auction, and more!

GARD's V2 Protocol is Now Live


Decentralized Money & Fixed Yield protocol GARD has launched with its V2 product.

Weekly Pulse: September 30, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Algorand Foundation hosts Singapore Developer Greenhouse Tech Talks, Napster Hire a new CEO, and more!

Algorand Foundation Partner with AXL Ventures


The Algorand Foundation has announced a new partnership with AXL Ventures an Australian-based accelerator program.

NFT Explorer to shut down in January 2023


The NFT Explorer founders have announced that the tool and its API will be shut down on January 31st 2023.

Weekly Pulse: September 23, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, FIFA+ NFTs Launch, Algorand hire a new CMO, and much more!

Algorand Appoint New CMO


Algorand has confirmed the appointment of Michele Quintaglie as its new CMO.

NFT Watch: September 29, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch, NFT Explorer to shut down, Napster hire new CEO, and more.

SubQuery Network Enters the Algorand Ecosystem


The SubQuery Network has entered the Algorand ecosystem to provide data indexing services.

Exodus Announces Compatibility with Algorand


The Exodus Web3 Wallet has announced it has launched new compatibility with Algorand.

Weekly Pulse: September 16, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse, Pera partner with Xfinitie, the Decipher speaker line-up reveal begins, and much more!

NFT Watch: September 15, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Bad Bunny collection makes its mark, Opulous announce self-serve MFTs, and more!

Weekly Pulse: September 9, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand launch a significant protocol upgrade, the FIFA+ Collect series is announced, and more!

NFT Watch: September 8, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch FIFA+ Collect Announced, Envision On Track NFT Series Concludes, and more.

FIFA Announced New Algorand Powered NFT Marketplace


FIFA have announced the upcoming launch of a new digital collectables marketplace built on Algorand.

Weekly Pulse: September 2, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Getblock announce Algorand node integration, Pact release new zaps feature, and more!

NFT Watch: September 1, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch the new Shufl Marketplace launches, Pera integrates with Limewire, and more!

Weekly Pulse: August 26, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Decipher tickets go on sale, Governance period 4 proposals revealed, and more!

Anthony Scaramucci Releases Algorand Book


Sky Bridge Capital Director and globally renowned financier Anthony Scaramucci has published a book dedicated to the Algorand Blockchain.

NFT Watch: August 25, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Zest acquires Rand Gallery, Cosmic Champs reveals beta launch timeline, and more!

Cosmic Champs Announcement Beta Game Will Launch in September


The Algorand based NFT game Cosmic Champs has announced it will launch the Beta version of its game in September.

Zest Capital Parent Company Acquires Rand Gallery


Distributed Finance the parent company of Zest Capital as announced a $2.5m acquisition of Algorand NFT marketplace Rand Gallery.

Weekly Pulse: August 5, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse new Pera Wallet update, Coop Daniels interview John Woods, and more.

NFT Watch: August 4, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Totally Average Cats make waves, Algorand NFT success celebrated, and much more!

Weekly Pulse: July 29, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand appoint a new CEO, Anthony Scaramucci's new Algorand book continues development, and much more!

Algorand Inc. Appoint New CEO


Algorand has announced that current COO Sean Ford has been appointed as Interim CEO, Succeeding Steve Kokinos.

NFT Watch: July 28, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Mostly Frens enjoys successful launch, Algorand NFT ecosystem experiences huge growth, and more!

Optio Capital Complete First Ever USDC transaction on Algorand Rails


The first ever USDC transaction on Algorand rails via Fireblocks has just been completed by the Optio Capital team.

Weekly Pulse: July 22, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand chosen for Banca d'Italia Study, Folks Finance gALGO Utility Increasing, and more!

NFT Watch: July 21, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Al Goanna and MakerX launch new NFT Dashboard, gALGO utility increases in the NFT Space, and more!

Weekly Pulse: July 15, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Folks Finance takes ecosystem by storm, Algorand publish CBDC findings, and more!

Folks Finance Top TVL Grower in all of Crypto


Folks Finance currently has the highest TVL growth of any DeFi protocol in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

NFT Watch: July 14, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch MostlyFrens series gearing up for launch, Poppin Puffin surpasses a huge milestone, and more!

Alberto Cribiore Joins Algorand’s Board of Directors


Citi Bank's Alberto Cribiore has been announced as the newest member of Algorand's Board of Directors.

Agrotoken have incorporate Algorand Into Development Card with Visa


Agrotoken have announced Algorand will be incorperated into the development of their agriculture-oriented card.

Weekly Pulse: July 8, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse two major hires for Algorand Foundation, Dequency launches, and more!

NFT Watch: July 7, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Pera release updated governance reward NFTs, Gilbert Goanna Forest Folk series a hit, and more.

Pera Wallet Launch New Governance NFTs


Pera Wallet have revealed their new governance reward NFTs for the recently completed third period of voting.

Weekly Pulse: July 1, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse the new period of Algorand Governance opens, Napster releases their litepaper, and more.

Napster Releases V1 Litepaper


Algorand based music service and legacy web brand Napster has released its new V1 Litepaper.

NFT Watch: June 30, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Gilbert Goanna announces new series, Poppin Puffin surpasses significant milestone, and more.

Weekly Pulse: June 24, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand celebrates it's 3rd birthday, several new partnerships, and more!

NFT Watch: June 23, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Galactic Astros enjoys successful launch, Cosmic Champs partner with Algogems, and more.

Algorand Foundation Partners with 10 Academy


The Algorand Foundation has partnered with the 10 Academy project to help strengthen opportunities for Web3 development in Africa.

Algorand Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary of Mainnet Launch


Algorand is today celebrating its three year anniversary of its launch to mainnet.

Weekly Pulse: June 17, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand Governance Period 3 concludes, Wayru launches new router product, and more.

NFT Watch: June 16, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Australia Zoo launch new Wildlife Warrior series, several projects on the rise and more.

Humble Completes V2 Launch


The Humble AMM platform has completed its V2 launch today.

Meadowlabs CEO Appears on Australian Morning Show Sunrise to Talk NFTs


Martin Kelly the CEO of Meadowlabs appeared as a guest on Australian morning show Sunrise to talk about NFTs on Algorand.

Weekly Pulse: June 10, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand drop several announcements during AVM Event, Pact extend Aeneas program, and more.

NFT Watch: June 9, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Meadow Labs reveal Australia Zoo NFTs launch date, DonkeyDAO enjoys successful launch, and more.

Algorand Confirm Decipher 2022 Will Take Place in Dubai


Algorand have confirmed that their annual conference Decipher will be back for 2022 and hosted in Dubai, UAE.

Algomint and AlgoDAO Announce New Partnership


Algomint and AlgoDAO have announced a new strategic partnership that will see them collaborate on future initiatives.

Weekly Pulse: June 3, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Governance voting opens, Algorand and DRL nominated for prestigious award, and more.

NFT Watch: June 2, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Opulous kick-off full album MFT sale, Graffe launch new staking feature, and more.

Third Period of Algorand Governance Voting Begins


The third period of Algorand Governance voting has officially begun. Participants will have until July 1 to cast their vote.

Prismatic Announce Strategic Partnership With Nimble


Algorand DAO treasury management project Prismatic have announced a new strategic partnership with decentralized insurance protocol Nimble.

Weekly Pulse: May 27, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Nigerian Government to build national IP wallet on Algorand, new Governance measures confirmed, and more.

NFT Watch: May 26, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Limewire teases artist line-up, Algorand Foundation launches LUNAtics x Algofam Program and more.

Koibanx and Developing Africa Group Announce Development of Platform for Commercialization of Nigeria's IP


Koibanx and Developing Africa Group are set to develop a platform that will allow Nigeria to commercialize all IP, built on Algorand.

AlgoDAO IDO Begins


The AlgoDAO IDO is now underway.

Weekly Pulse: May 20, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Wayru completes its seed round raise, NFDomains mainnet launch date confirmed and more.

NFT Watch: May 19, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Limewire partners with Universal Music Group, Poppin Puffins migrate to Algorand, and more.

Limewire Partners with Universal Music Group


Algorand based music NFT protocol Limewire has partnered with Universal Music Group

Wormhole Bridge Launches on Algorand


The Jump Crypto backed Wormhole Bridge has launched on Algorand.

NFDomains to Launch on Mainnet in June


Decentralized domains protocol NFDomains has confirmed it will launch on mainnet on June 4th.

Tellor Oracle Launches on Algorand Mainnet


New oracle protocol Tellor has launched on Algorand mainnet.

Wayru Complete $1.96m Seed Round


Decentralized network project Wayru have completed a $1.96m seed round with participation from some of the biggest VCs in Algorand.

AB Infinite 1 to be Displayed in London at Oxford Circus


The AB Inifinite 1 NFT collection is set to go on display in London at Oxford Circus.

Weekly Pulse: May 13, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Napster acquired by Algorand and Hivemind, Pera distributes governance rewards, and more.

NFT Watch: May 12, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch Blackbook NFTs confirm its 2nd drop, Knights of Algorand makes its mark, and more.

Napster Acquired by Hivemind Capital and Algorand


Capital Venture firm Hivemind and Algorand have acquired legacy audio streaming service Napster in an exciting deal.

Pera Wallet Announces NFT Reward for Algorand Governance Participants


Pera Wallet have confirmed they will be distributing NFT rewards for Algorand Governance participants.

Weekly Pulse: May 6, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand announces sponsorship of FIFA, Meadow Labs partners with Australia Zoo and more.

Australia Zoo launching NFT project to help protect wildlife and wild places on Algorand


World famous Australia Zoo has collaborated with Meadow Labs to create a unique Australian wildlife themed NFT collection leveraging Algorand.

Meadow Labs Announce Partnership With Australia Zoo to Produce New NFTs


Meadow Labs have announced a new partnership with the world famous Australia Zoo to facilitate the production of NFTs.

NFT Watch: May 5, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch FIFA partnership opens new possibilities for Algorand NFTs, Lofty surpasses a big milestone and much more.

Algorand Becomes FIFA Blockchain Partner


Algorand has been announced as a new partner of FIFA ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup and 2023 Australia & New Zealand Women's World Cup.

Weekly Pulse: April 29, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse the Times Square blackout catches the eye, Limewire updates their roadmap, and much more.

NFT Watch: April 28, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch we discuss Flemish Giants incredible milestone, Algorand Foundation awarding a grant to Alchemon and more.

Algorand Foundation Award SupaGrant to Flare


The Algorand Foundation have awarded a bridge SupaGrant to Flare who are building a Bitcoin bridge on the Algorand network.

Pact Announces Partnership With Prismatic


Algorand based AMM Pact have announced an exciting new strategic partnership with DAO protocol Prismatic.

Algorand Blackout Times Square for Earth Day


In an eye-catching marketing initiative Algorand blacked out Times Square in New York City for Earth Day.

Pact Surpass $20m in TVL


The Pact AMM has officially surpassed the $20m TVL milestone.

Weekly Pulse: April 22, 2022


Inside this edition of the Weekly Pulse Algorand to blackout Times Square, AlgoDAO close their seed round, and more.

Cosmic Champs Launch $COSG Token on Tinyman


Algorand based NFT Game Cosmic Champs have launched their project token $COSG on Tinyman.

NFT Watch: April 21, 2022


In this week's NFT Watch we look into the new Wayru protocol, Algorand Foundation's upcoming Metaverse session and more.

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