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Weekly Pulse: September 23, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Pulse, a weekly Algorand news wrap-up segment presented by Algopulse. As ever, we welcome your feedback so if there is anything you would like us to add, please let us know on Twitter. For more from Algopulse visit

FIFA+ Connect NFTs Launch

The global football governing body FIFA have launched their eagerly anticipated FIFA+ Collect NFT collection. Kicking things off by dropping the “Genesis” Pack first fans can now collect some of the World Cup’s most iconic moments. The pack can be opened for $USD4.95 with a secondary marketplace also available. You can begin your FIFA+ Collect journey here.


Algorand Hires New CMO 

Algorand has announced the appointment of Michele Quintaglie as its new CMO. Quintaglie has an extensive marketing background for several Fortune 100 companies. She served as SVP and Head of Communications for Fidelity Asset Management, an early adopter of digital assets. She then took on the role of SVP and Global Head of Communications for Visa Inc. While at Visa, Quintaglie oversaw all communications including corporate, innovation and regional teams, including representing Visa on the Communications Commission for the International Olympic Committee.

“It’s exciting to bring an experienced leader like Michele into the role of CMO,” said Sean Ford, Interim CEO at Algorand. “With an extensive track record of proven success in global communications and marketing across the corporate, agency and UN development world, Michele will continue to strengthen Algorand’s profile as a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure.”


Subquery Integrates with Algorand


The data indexing protocol Subquery has announced new integration with the Algorand blockchain. Subquery’s data indexing solutions provide developers with the tools needed to easily organise and query on-chain data for their protocol and applications. 

“Algorand has always been focused on creating the most efficient and productive tools and environments for developers. SubQuery is a natural extension of our efforts on this front and I look forward to having their solutions available for Algorand users,” said Rotem Hemo, Director of Product Management at Algorand.


Exodus Launch Algorand Wallet


The DeFi suite platform Exodus has launched a new Algorand Wallet. Already having compatibility with Solona, and Ethereum this launch represents yet more adoption of cross chain integration within the Algorand ecosystem. Exodus are a highly respected and widely used service meaning that they will no doubt increase exposure and accessibility to Algorand.


Algorand Protocol Upgrade Complete


Algorand CPO Paul Riegle confirmed the launch of previously announced Algorand protocol upgrades. Now that the upgrade is compete the Algorand blockchain can process 6000 transactions per second and can utilise state proofs. Algorand Founder Silvio Micali also published a piece diving deeper into state proofs and the utility they will unlock for the ecosystem.


Al Goanna V2 Launch Smashes Records 

The Al Goanna V2 collection launched this week smashing all previous records in the Algorand NFT ecosystem. At the time of writing the collection has massed an astonishing 2.5 mil ALGO in sales volume making it already the second best ever selling collection in Algorand history just three days after launch. The Al Goanna NFT project as a whole has now generated more than 6.9 mil ALGO in sales cumulatively. The launch made such a big impact that #AlgorandNFTs were trending globally on Twitter for a time.


Jason Lee Appointed to New Role

Algorand Foundation CEO Staci has confirmed that Jason Lee has switched from being the organisation’s COO to become the New Global Head of Community. The Melbourne based executive has been a key contributor to the Foundation’s growth and is well positioned to lead global community building initiatives as the Algorand blockchain enters a key phase of growth. In her announcement Warden reflected that the Foundation have rapidly expanding their community team resources in the past year.


Algorand Governance Period 4 Closes


The fourth period of Algorand Governance has officially closed with votes now tallied. Governors ultimately voted in the affirmative for both measures put forward namely to Designating 7M ALGOs from the Q4 2022 governance rewards to DeFi governors, and Allow DEX Liquidity Providers that contribute ALGOs in pools to participate in governance for Q4 2022.


Algorand Features in Popular Binance Game


Algorand was this week selected for a special on the Binance News publication for its Crypto WODL game.

Crypto WODL is a mini-game that allows users to guess mystery words to understand the latest market developments while earning crypto rewards similar to the popular Wordle app.

Users who read Binance News, learn about Algorand and get at least five correct answers will qualify for an equal share of $25,000 in ALGO token vouchers.

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Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Weekly Pulse as we look forward to continue bringing this content to the Algorand Community. Was there anything that we missed? If so let us know on Twitter where you can also send us any news you see throughout next week for our next instalment. For more from Algopulse visit

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