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Weekly Pulse: October 21, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Pulse, a weekly Algorand news wrap-up segment presented by Algopulse. As ever, we welcome your feedback so if there is anything you would like us to add, please let us know on Twitter. For more from Algopulse visit

Algofi Launch Governance Mechanism


Algofi, has this week made its governance mechanism live. As reported last week, the project announced that the process will be facilitated by the platform’s native $BANK token. Proposals put forward are determined in the Algofi governance forum. Once selected $veBANK holders can vote on proposals proportional to the quantity of tokens they hold. You can read the full details of Algofi governance here.


Algorand Foundation Appoint New CFO


The Algorand Foundation have announced the appointment Harpal Singh as the organisation’s new Chief Financial Officer. Singh is vastly experienced having previously been Group CFO at Algebris Investments.

"The Algorand ecosystem is poised for continued expansion because it is backed by industry-leading, fast, safe and sustainable technology. I am excited to make this value proposition evermore visible to a global audience," said Singh.

"Moreover, it is fulfilling to join an organization that prioritizes the core purpose of blockchain technology, solving socioeconomic issues worldwide."


Opulous Appear at Ditto Panel


The Algorand-based music rights platform Opulous were represented at the recent Ditto X Music conference in London by their Head of Artist Services Joe Mason and Algorand Foundation Creative Director Micah Adams. The pair took part in the Music on the Blockchain panel, discussing how services like Opulous have opened up new opportunities for artists to generate revenue and engage with their community. The event took place at the world-renowned O2 arena and featured many other high-profile speakers including representatives of some of the world’s biggest music brands as well as artists. 


Pera Announces Security Integration With Vendible

Pera has partnered with privacy security protocol Vendible to integrate its private key protection service known as Trustible. This service will allow Pera to insure keys from loss if they lose their seed phrase and device access. “We are really excited about what this integration means for users and moving this partnership forward as we continue to create a comfortable place in web3 for new users,” said Pera Wallet CEO Taylan Prince.


Algorand Foundation Announce Investment in Deridex


The Algorand Foundation has announced a new partnership investment with Deridex this week. Deridex is an on-chain derivative platform built on Algorand and is set to launch its mainnet protocol in Q4 2022.

“Algorand’s technology provides a unique opportunity to bring a multi-trillion-dollar market into its decentralized network,” said Founder and CEO of Deridex, Jonathan Gomez.

“With sub 4 second finality, users no longer need to worry about a 2-day cash settlement from centralized exchanges allowing users to get in and out of positions quickly and at a lower cost than most other exchanges. As Algorand’s user adoption grows, a derivatives platform will become an integral piece of the market.”


Lofty AI Surpasses $1 Mil in Rental Income


The Algorand-based Real Estate platform Lofty has this week reached a significant milestone surpassing $1 million worth of cumulative rental income for its investors. The platform uses smart contracts on the Algorand platform to facilitate blockchain-based real estate investment, allowing using to generate yields. Users can explore the Lofty platform here.


Algorand Foundation to Host Milkomeda AMA


Algorand Foundation have announced that they will be hosting a live Twitter Spaces AMA with Milkomeda later this week. The session will feature Milkomeda Foundation Director Sebastien Guillemot, Algorand Foundation CTO John Woods, and Head of Product Marketing Fred Estante. The session will take place on Friday October 21st.


Scaramucci Book to be Given Away With Decipher Tickets


The Algorand Foundation have announced a new Decipher-related giveaway offering 100 free copies of Anthony Scaramucci’s book 'The Genius of Algorand'. The giveaway will be activated for the first 100 people who purchase Decipher tickets following the announcement from the Foundation. The Decipher Conference is set to take place in Dubai from November 28-30 and will feature a host of big-name speakers including Sam Bankman-Fried, Anthony Scaramucci, Silvio Micali, Michael Arrington, and more. Tickets are on sale here.

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Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Weekly Pulse as we look forward to continue bringing this content to the Algorand Community. Was there anything that we missed? If so let us know on Twitter where you can also send us any news you see throughout next week for our next instalment. For more from Algopulse visit

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