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Weekly Pulse: Jan 21, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Pulse, a weekly Algorand news wrap-up segment presented by Algopulse. As ever, we welcome your feedback so if there is anything you would like us to add, please let us know on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Pact Launches on Testnet

New Algorand DEX platform Pact has launched on testnet. Users can now head over to and begin using the platform to test swaps and pool features. Pact are also seeking user feedback on their Discord Channel to help further improve the product ahead of mainnet launch which is slated for Q1 2022. Pact will provide an opportunity for users to have a live discussion with their team in the coming weeks so keep an eye out across their channels for details as an NFT reward could apply for testnet participants who trial the product.

Humbleswap Announce Testnet Launch

The new Algorand DEX Humbleswap has this week launched on testnet. This latest iteration of the platform will see improvements made to the product’s Token Selector, Asset IDs, loading Screen Animations, wallet, account, and settings. The Humbleswap team are encouraging users to provide feedback, bug identification and suggestions on their Discord channel.

Algopulse Launch v0.5 Website

Algopulse have launched their highly anticipated v0.5 website allowing users to begin exploring the Algoverse through a variety of rich content. With a host of new features and cutting-edge design, visitors to the new website will be greeted with a visual feast of graphics. The user-focused experience allows users to navigate an extensive knowledge directory, access the latest news, developments, project updates, ecosystem job openings and much more. In addition to being an extensive knowledge directory for all things Algorand, users will be able to interact with the site. In true blockchain fashion, Algopulse will open the site up to feedback via a Discord channel for “bugs” and “suggestions” to gather input from the community. The resource will be organic and require input from the team and the community so the platform reflects the growth of the ecosystem.‍

BTCS Adds Algorand to its Blockchain Infrastructure Operations

Blockchain project BTCS has now added Algorand to its infrastructure staking operations. BTCS are developing a Staking-as-a-Service platform to allow users to stake and delegate supported cryptocurrencies through a non-custodial platform as well as a digital asset data analytics dashboard that allows users to evaluate their crypto portfolio from across multiple exchanges and wallets in a single place.

“More than 500 global organizations leverage Algorand’s technology — from university partners (MIT, UC Berkeley, Peking University), to ecosystem players (Orion Protocol, Chainalysis, Hummingbot), to key stakeholders (Union Square Ventures, Cumberland Advisors), to government enterprises (Marshall Islands),” BTCS COO Michal Handerhan.

“Given this, we believe ALGO is a great addition to our blockchain infrastructure efforts.”

Prismatic Announces New Algorand Based Treasury Management and Tooling Protocol For Crypto Organizations

Prismatic have released an introductory article detailing their plans to build a treasury management and tooling protocol on Algorand. Prismatic seeks to serve organizations, and DAOs in particular, by providing efficient and adaptive solutions in four core areas: spending, strategic asset allocation, borrowing, and reporting, so that requirements for effective treasury management can be met while keeping a strong focus on security. Set to launch on testnet at the end of Q2 2022.

“Cash management and operations in crypto businesses are the ultimate inconveniences for DeFi entrepreneurs,” said Prismatic Founder Natalie Salemink.

“That’s why we’re creating a multi-sig wallet with a user-centric interface that directly integrates with various DeFi trading venues and automates some of the most gruelling parts of running an organization with crypto.”

$FXDX Token Generation Event Announced

FXDX Exchange have this week announced the distribution mechanism and launch details of their $FXDX token. The $fxdx token’s use case will be focused on governance, buybacks and burn, discount on the trading fee, staking, incentives on liquidity on the FXDX exchange and of the $fxdx tokens, and more upcoming use cases. FXDX governance can also vote on fee structures and more. The total token supply of $fxdx will be 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) and the distribution will be as follows: 20% to investors, 20% to team and advisors, 30% to the treasury, 25% for the community, 5% for staking and liquidity.

ICON Receives Algorand Foundation Bridges SupaGrant and Joins BTP Working Group

ICON have been announced as the latest recipient of the Algorand Foundation Bridges SupaGrant to integrate Algorand into ICON’s BTP Interoperability Ecosystem. ICON was awarded this grant as their proposal supports the creation of critical DeFi infrastructure. ICON operates in South Korea and our partnership also expands our relationship and reach in East Asian markets. The ICON blockchain will allow Algorand users to transact with other blockchains and vice versa, providing opportunities for the development of complex DeFi use cases or value chains.

“We’re excited to partner with ICON and welcome them to the Algorand Ecosystem,” said Algorand’s Head of Global Ecosystems and Technical Operations Addie Wagenknecht.

“The grant award to ICON will ensure the development of key DeFi infrastructure and opens up opportunities for further collaboration and innovation. We look forward to our partnership which will bring value to our respective communities.”

DuckSTARTER Platform to Integrate Algorand

The DuckDAO project have announced that their DuckSTARTER platform will integrate Algorand becoming the fourth blockchain to be available on the platform. The DuckSTARTER platform allows users to invest in digital assets and projects in early-stage crypto projects.

“Even though it won’t be without challenges, the addition of Algorand on DuckSTARTER checks yet another box on our list for integrating high-quality networks onto our platform,” said DuckDAO in a press release.

“Soon, our investors will benefit from having more choices when it comes to how they want to invest in promising startup projects via DuckDAO. Moreover, they’ll be able to benefit from Algorand’s meager transaction fees and high speeds.”

Venue One Closes $3.4 Million Seed Round

Algorand based predictions protocol Venue One have this week completed a $3.4 million seed round partnering with well known VC firms such as Borderless Capital, MEXC Global, Meld Ventures, and more. The project is set to launch on testnet in February 2022.

“We are excited to join Venue.One as the lead investor in both the seed and private rounds,” said Borderless Capital CEO David Garcia.

“Traditional predictions platforms are running on legacy technology and they are ready to be disrupted; blockchain can bring transparency to prediction markets and can democratize the access for everyone to monetize their views and expertise; Algorand is just the perfect core layer to build this on top of.”

Tinyman is Back Online

Following a two-week outage due to an unexpected platform attack, Tinyman have re-launched with v1.1 of their mainnet going live on January 19th 2022. Tinyman have thanked used for their support during a difficult few weeks and say the platform is now more secure than ever.

“On January 2nd, we had to pull out of the race for some repairs. It was not fun, we suffered as a team and as a community,” said Tinyman in an official statement.

“However, this unfortunate event turned into something beautiful as we bonded with our community and the builders of this ecosystem on a deeper level.”

“We want to take this moment to thank you all, from devs, to community leaders… from ASA owners to every individual in the Algorand community for your support. Now that we’re back, it’s time to push harder and get back on track.”

“With Tinyman v1.1, we patched up the vulnerabilities and also resolved the stuck-pools issue for good.”

Price Watch

The price of Algorand. (as of Jan 21 2022 on Algoexplorer)
The number of total active Algorand accounts over the past week. (as of Jan 21 2021 on Algoexplorer)
The total transactions on Algorand over the past week. (as of Jan 21 2021 on Algoexplorer)

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Weekly Pulse as we look forward to continue bringing this content to the Algorand Community. Was there anything that we missed? If so let us know on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram where you can also send us any news you see throughout next week for our next instalment.

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