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NFT Watch: Nov 25, 2021

Welcome to NFT Watch presented by Algopulse, a weekly series covering all the latest news in the Algorand NFT space. We’ll be looking into the biggest drops, sales, and platforms on the market so that you can keep tabs on this rapidly growing area.

Algorand partners with Al Goanna for the Algo Gators NFT series that doubles as Decipher tickets

Ahead of next week’s Algorand Annual Global Conference, Decipher, Algorand have announced a partnership with the Al Goanna NFT project to produce official Decipher NFTs that will double as event tickets for both in-person and virtual attendees. The series, titled “Algo Gators,” features a total of 888 NFTs, of which half represent in-person tickets and half represent virtual tickets. The NFTs themselves feature a “gator” character appearing in a variety of Miami’s most iconic locations for the in-person tickets, as well as in well-known virtual spaces from pop culture for the virtual tickets. The artwork was made in collaboration with the Al Goanna brand and Australia-based artist Ink Hunter.

“This was a really exciting opportunity to work alongside the Algorand marketing team and develop this series of NFTs for the event invites,” said Al Goanna Project Lead Benji.

“We were introduced (to Ink Hunter) through a mutual artist connection, and there was an immediate synergy in our shared values.”

Cityfunds partners with Republic to bring real estate S-NFTs to Algorand

The NFT crowdfunding platform Republic, which has previously facilitated Opulous’s S-NFT, announced a new partnership with Cityfunds this week. Set up in the United States’ cities of Miami, Dallas, and Austin, Cityfunds offers S-NFTs that represent partial ownership of their portfolio of properties in those areas. After investing, S-NFT holders can enjoy returns as the value of their portfolio grows. You can find out more and start investing here.

Zestbloom add Vlad3designs to line up ahead of platform launch

New Algorand NFT Marketplace Zestbloom has announced the addition of Vlad3designs’s artwork into its growing portfolio. Vlad3designs is a studio that specialize in high-quality 4D renders, such as its recently launched Algomancers series, which shows off various characters representing “heroes” of the Algorand ecosystem. The Zestbloom platform is set to provide a marketplace for artists and collectors to exchange NFTs, leveraging Algorand’s native benefits as well as its own custom algorithm that scores artwork based on originality. It has been set up with a user-friendly interface, allowing collectors to easily search for artwork using categories and tags. It is also incredibly straightforward for artists to mint new NFTs on the platform. With its launch set to take place within the following week, Zestbloom will be another strong addition to the growing catalog of Algorand NFT marketplaces.

NFTs to take center stage at Decipher

NFTs are set to feature prominently in the upcoming Decipher conference in Miami, with several of the ecosystem’s most high-profile figures booked in as speakers. This includes Francesco Boni, the founder of, Keatly Haldeman, founder and CEO of Dequency and Riptide Music Group, Adi K.Mishra, the CEO of Zone, and Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, the co-founder of Aorist, along with many more. With numerous NFT-specific panels scheduled, Decipher could be the stage for some of the biggest announcements in the history of Algorand NFTs.

Thank you for reading the latest edition of NFT Watch presented by Algopulse. We look forward to bringing more of this content to the Algorand Community. If you think there was something we should have covered, or if you see some exciting Algorand NFT news for our next installment, please let us know on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Please be aware that next week’s edition of NFT Watch will be interrupted by our coverage of Decipher. Be sure to tune into our channels for extensive content from the event.

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