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How do Algorithmic Stablecoins Work? And Why are they Essential to ALGO?

Cryptocurrencies are widely known for their volatility, with sudden plunges and surges. It is important to note that high volatility in the crypto domain could present a formidable concern for investors. Stablecoins emerged as one of the prominent interventions in the crypto world to address volatility concerns. 

There are many various forms of stablecoins. Among them, algorithmic stablecoins have been dubbed the "purest stable" decentralized cryptos. The following discussion provides a comprehensive overview of algorithm-based stablecoins. You will also learn how they function, how important they are, and where they are heading. Let's dive in.

What are Algorithmic Stablecoins?

To explain the scope of algorithmic stablecoins, we shall look into the basics. An algorithm, in computer programming, is a set of instructions that software or application perform automatically when specific circumstances are satisfied. Stablecoins, on the other hand, are based on certain currencies or assets that are supposed to maintain their value independent of market conditions.

Combining the two definitions, an algorithmic stablecoin is an autonomous, decentralized economic system or protocol. The most prevalent strategy used to achieve this stability is supply manipulation.

The quantity of algorithmic stablecoins is automatically raised and lowered. It is done via minting or burning tokens to preserve the peg through an automated system of economics and protocol. 

Based on the present market, most algorithmic stablecoins are non-collateralized. It means they have no economic backing or real-world deposits.

How Algorithmic Stablecoins Work?

An algorithmic stablecoin reflects genuine decentralization. There are no regulatory entities to maintain or oversee the procedures. You should note that the code is in charge of supply and demand and the desired price.

These fundamental advantages provide a scalable solution. Notably, no other set on the market currently provides. Furthermore, the lack of a tangible asset requirement behind algorithmic stablecoin minimizes the risk of user mistakes.

Algorithmic stablecoins introduce seigniorage into the currency ecosystem. Hence, they fill a void in the crypto economy. In addition to filling a void in the crypto economy, algorithmic stablecoin is another essential addition to the DeFi world.

It also introduces some basic economic physics rules on the chance of a stablecoin amassing enough collateral to hit the big time. These currencies are also created with a publicly auditable code, establishing trust in the currency. This makes them the most transparent and decentralized stablecoins.

Ampleforth (AMPL), DefiDollar (USDC), Empty Set Dollar (ESD), and Frax are some of the most popular Algorithmic stablecoins on the market right now.

Why are Algorithmic Stablecoins Important to ALGO?


Stablecoins are a vital component of a modern financial system since they allow for the reliable exchange and storage of value. Sending money to another region of the world is time-consuming and expensive in the absence of digital currencies. Compared to SWIFT or Money Transfer Operators, algorithmic stablecoins may be traded worldwide at far faster rates for a fraction of the cost. It has far-reaching ramifications for the global flow of value.


Stablecoins are an inclusive and accessible platform developed on Algorand. They enable financial access for everyone, with a considerable part of the world population without access to banking services. The obstacles to entry are quickly reduced with open, decentralized systems like Algorand. Here, minuscule transaction costs open the way for micropayments.

Stablecoins on these high-performance networks provide users full custody of their cash. In addition, they offer 24-hour access to financial services. Users may even access their savings and make payments with little or no network connectivity. All this is thanks to Algorand's ecosystem of partners.

Settlements Layers

Because of the features of Agorand, algorithmic stablecoins can be used as a settlement layer in crypto OTC transactions. The Ethereum network has traditionally been the biggest bottleneck for cryptocurrency traders to transfer funds from exchange to exchange. 

There has always been a long waiting time for the Ethereum network transactions to clear. With Algorand-based stablecoins, traders can now move funds instantly between exchanges.

Access to Crypto Capital Markets

Stablecoins provide a critical on-ramp and exit route in the crypto capital markets. Connected platforms such as Archax and Huobi give access to digital asset investments for Algorand users.

Store of Value

Algorithmic stablecoin systems may make a significant impact in the event of an economic catastrophe, such as a sinking currency. Any stablecoin provided on the Algorand blockchain offers the opportunity to regain control of one's finances. It also enables consumers to avoid adverse economic situations.

What is the Future of Algorithmic Stablecoins?

Within a few years of its existence, algorithmic stablecoin has gained tremendous market momentum. Even while it has yet to discover the ultimate token, it has demonstrated that stablecoins do not have to rely on underlying assets for value. It can do this through the use of decentralized smart contracts. With protocols such as xBacked not far away from being launched on Algorand it will not be long before the ecosystem has several options for users to choose between.

Stablecoins will play a role in the Defi network as it expands. As a result, the future of algorithmic stablecoins is a supremely stable token that is as useful as money.

Wrapping Up

The development of algorithmic stablecoins has undoubtedly presented the best potential. They ensure decentralization without any regulatory organizations. Compared to other options, you may have a genuinely scalable solution with the core benefits of these stablecoins. Furthermore, the lack of requirements for tangible assets to backup non-collateralized stablecoins decreases the possibility of human mistakes.

Stablecoins built on algorithms rely on visible and auditable code, making it easier to develop confidence. Understanding the many types of algorithm stablecoins, success measures, and dangers linked with them will help you find their actual potential. As additional algorithm-backed stablecoins emerge, it is critical to understand their value to the crypto ecosystem.

Written by

Adam Robertson

Stay up to speed on all things Algorand